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Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy provides stimulation to the skin and actually causes the body to produce skin smoothing collagen in a pain free way. RedLight-ST is a complete system formulated to enhance the benefits of Light Rejuvenation.

Sunless Tanning

Need a healthier skin alternative to tanning but still want the same color effect brought out in your natural skin tone? We offer spray tanning with the industry leading Fake Bake formula.

All our spray tans are applied one-on-one with a spray tan expert to ensure you get maximum coverage and within our customized booth.

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At Color Me Bronze we are proud to offer a top of the line tanning experience with the best beds and prices in Plainfield! Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with purchasing packages and lotions that best fit your needs. We offer 6 levels of tanning to choose from, along with airbrush spray tanning, and Red Light Therapy. We also carry a large variety of tanning lotions, moisturizers, and other products to help you achieve that sunkissed glowing tan. So come check us out, we're conveniently located on Route 59 in Plainfield!

Sunless Tanning


Custom spray tans utilizing Fake Bake. The pricing is as follows for single sessions: Student ($30), Adult ($40) and Kids under 12 ($26).

The Product

Airbrush Tanning is applied by a trained Technician who is skilled at providing the most even coverage you can possibly attain. This means a more natural and uniform tan! A Spray Tan Booth works on the premise "One Spray Fits All" which is simply just not the case, and often results in terrible coloring effects (light/dark and missed areas). The Technician is professionally trained to recognize and trouble shoot hard-to-apply areas, for an uniform application, such as behind the knees, around the elbows, hands, fingers, feet and other areas that the spray booth may not. In short, the spray booth cannot effectively provide even coverage in all areas of the body. Why? We all have different body types. Learn More

Fake Bake Guarantees

• Not To Streak 

• Not To Turn Skin Orange 

• Not To Have A Bad Odor

• Not To Stain Your Clothes


Red Light Therapy


Package includes 3 sessions per week + Red Light ST lotions bag ($60 value)


Red Light Therapy provides stimulation to the skin and actually causes the body to produce skin smoothing collagen in a pain free way. This process helps to smooth and reduct fine lines, firm or tired skin and improves consistent skin coloration and complexion.

Beyond solely visual appeal Red Light Therapy also helps to moisturize skin, activate blood flow for increased circulation and promote oxygenation, detoxification and restoration of the skin's natural cellular activity.

How it works

RedLight-ST is a complete system synergistically formulated to enhance the benefits of Light Rejuvenation Therapy. By following a simple 3 step process in conjunction with regular Red Light Therapy your overall benefits to your skin tissue is greatly enhanced.

Ask about our money back guarantee

teeth whitening

Whiten While You Tan?

Nothing is more attractive than a brilliant white smile and a healthy tan. Now you can have both at the same time with Color Me Bronze's teeth whitening solution: Twilight Teeth. By using heat and UV light while tanning, your teeth are able to accelerate the natural teeth whitening process!

How it Works

Before your tanning session at Color Me Bronze place the teeth whitening mouth guard in a position making sure that your teeth are visible through the front of the mouthpiece. Simply apply a thin layer of the whitener one tooth at a time and start your tan!

Teeth whitening while tanning is so simple you no longer need to worry about strips or whitening toothpaste to get that whitening glow you want.

Tanning Packages

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